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Refund period: 3 months

Annual interest rate of 23.99%.

Loan Without Document!

Fast bank deposit


Refund period: 4 or 5 months

Annual interest rate of 23.99%.

Loan Without Document!

Fast bank deposit


Refund period: 5 or 6 months

Annual interest rate of 23.99%.

Loan Without Document!

Fast bank deposit


Alpha Loans is proud to offer you the safest, fastest and easiest technology on the market. With its 256-bit encryption, Instant Bank Verification (IBV) is the easiest way to obtain a mini loan in Quebec.

This system, used by the major banks and financial institutions in Canada, allows us to lend you the money you need now even faster. You won’t even have to send a single document!

We understand that when you need an urgent mini loan, time is of the essence and you want to get your money quickly. Our micro-loans are in the form of variable credit, which gives you even more options when it comes to your repayments.







Absolutely! Here at Alpha Loans, we understand that life throws unexpected financial curveballs at the worst possible times, which is why we offer convenient online loans. It doesn’t matter if you’re out of town or at home taking care of a sick child; you can get the money you need in a matter of minutes.

You can trust that you’re getting the best possible deal because of our prompt and dependable service and the absence of additional fees. Our online loan application process only takes a few minutes of your time. The rest of your day will proceed smoothly that way.

You might assume a high credit score is necessary to qualify for a loan, but this is only sometimes the case.

For instance, a low credit score will ensure you get a loan from Alpha Loans. We are sensitive to the fact that life is unpredictable and that bad things can happen to good people, even if they have good credit. Therefore, we look more at your current ability to repay the loan than at your credit history.

You are limited to applying for a single loan at a time. Legitimate loan companies like Alpha Loans will adhere to these rules because they protect borrowers from getting deeper into debt.

Be wary of any lender who gives you a second loan. Lender preys on those needing financial aid and may be exploitative of your emergency.

Before applying for a loan, you should investigate the lender to ensure they are legitimate and in compliance with all laws and standards in the province in which they operate.

Alpha Loans is the most convenient place online to get a loan. Our reputation as a reliable Canadian lender means you can rest assured that applying for and receiving one of our is a simple and stress-free process.

You can still apply and get funded with us even if you have a poor credit history or regular employment income. It’s just one more way we go out of our way to ensure Canadians from all walks of life can get the money they need when they need it.

We work with the best financial institutions to offer you an annual interest rate of 23.99%.

Of course, if you need a withdrawal from your $750 facility, our team will ensure that the money is deposited directly into your account before the end of the day. Once you have received your loan, you will be able to pay it back in 10 payments of $120.
This information is given for example purposes only and assumes that the withdrawal made is repaid in full according to the agreed upon amortization schedule, without any new withdrawals or re-borrowing being made before the full repayment.
The above example considers a weekly membership fee of $20, which must be paid by the client as long as there is a balance owing on the credit facility.

The amount of the membership fees is subject to change at any time and Instant Loan reserves the right to modify the fees, their allocation, calculation and the terms and conditions of any new facility granted.

The above example does not include any administration fees, deferral fees, fees for drawdowns refused by your financial institution, re-borrowing fees, maintenance fees or other fees that may be imposed in connection with the occurrence of a default or your management and use of your facility.


Your pre-authorized payment has bounced back. In this case, you will be charged a $60 fee. Your financial institution may also charge you an “NSF” fee. It’s always best to make sure you have the necessary funds in place before your withdrawal date to avoid these fees.

There are still some details you need to know.

The renewal of the loan is not automatic. It will be done after the client has made the application and it has been approved by our company.

Any initial drawdown on your facility will be amortized over a schedule of equal and consecutive payments allowing full repayment of amounts due over periods ranging from three to six months.

If you need to borrow more money from your credit facility, it will be added to the principal balance that you already owe. A new repayment schedule will be created to spread out the payments over a set period of time. This will also apply to any future borrowing.

Don’t worry. If an incident happens and you can’t make a payment on time, our team will make sure to find a solution with you. However, we abide by Canadian lending standards and regulations. We are therefore obligated to demand full payment of all amounts, interest and other costs incurred if there is a default on an amended contract. Also, if we have any legal fees due to a default on your amended agreement, we will claim those fees and you will have to reimburse us for them. If, for any reason, we cannot agree to repay your loan, we will have no choice but to assign your file to a collection agency, which could affect your credit rating. It is therefore in your best interest to pay your payments on time.

A payday loan is a short-term borrowing option for people who don’t have any savings. The lender will extend credit based on your income and it usually totals a portion of your next paycheck. Pay day loan may be useful in an emergency situation or when you are in temporary financial difficulty (i.e., if you need to cover unexpected expenses or sudden unemployment).